Monday, March 30, 2009

in the barn

The magic is gone from here, leaving behind soft hints of what had once been. It lingers still in the smell of this old barn, in the dusty floor beneath my bare feet. It whispers of the imagination of two children whose pursuit of adventure, whose desire for what is good and beautiful, and whose love for each other was what linked their hearts together. Now both are grown and both are lost in a world without magic, and the bond is stretched thin. These tears are for my childhood, for lost innocence and for magic disappearing. In my place once stood a little girl, afraid of nothing, and determined to believe in something better. Now here I stand, a little girl still, in a woman's body - alone and wondering where it has gone, how it was lost, or if perhaps it still exists somewhere, locked away and waiting to be found again and freed.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


vision begins to happen in such a life
as if a woman quietly walked away
from the argument and jargon in a room
and sitting down in the kitchen, began turning in her lap
bits of yarn, calico and velvet scraps,
laying them out absently on the scrubbed boards
in the lamplight, with small rainbow-coloured shells…
Such a composition has nothing to do with eternity,
the striving for greatness, brilliance-
only with the musing of a mind
one with her body, experienced fingers quietly pushing
dark against bright, silk against roughness,
pulling the tenets of a life together
with no mere will to mastery,
only care… -Adrienne Rich
So blog writing kind of freaks me out. I probably wouldn’t be starting one if I wasn’t told it would help with my etsy sales. I mean, it’s one thing to set it all up: pick a template, write a profile, upload a few pictures… and quite another to actually start writing your thoughts down for all of cyberspace to see. Yikes. So I think my first post will be something that I’m quite confident in, and that is... my list writing skills. That's right. I write excellent lists. So here’s a condensed version of my to-do list for the coming months:

1. Start a blog (check)
2. Make lots of pottery
3. Find venues to sell the vast amounts of pottery I make
4. Plan my garden plot out and get seeds started
5. Drive to the ocean
6. Learn to spin

End Post. :)