Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So blog writing kind of freaks me out. I probably wouldn’t be starting one if I wasn’t told it would help with my etsy sales. I mean, it’s one thing to set it all up: pick a template, write a profile, upload a few pictures… and quite another to actually start writing your thoughts down for all of cyberspace to see. Yikes. So I think my first post will be something that I’m quite confident in, and that is... my list writing skills. That's right. I write excellent lists. So here’s a condensed version of my to-do list for the coming months:

1. Start a blog (check)
2. Make lots of pottery
3. Find venues to sell the vast amounts of pottery I make
4. Plan my garden plot out and get seeds started
5. Drive to the ocean
6. Learn to spin

End Post. :)


  1. Hi, i like this blog. I'm from Brazil and i don't know say somethings but i try. D:

    So, bye.

  2. Hey, thanks for posting! I was in Brasil with my dad a few years ago. It's beautiful. :)