Friday, November 25, 2011

on holiday season sales and wizardly wisdom

Today I'm packing everything up for my first show of the holiday season: the Christmas Handmade Market. Reasons to be excited about this show in particular: 

1. It's near my family farm, which means I get to hang out with my grandmother. Loveliest. Woman. Ever.

2. It's happening at the Good Earth Food and Wine Co., which is a place I have never been, but have always wanted to go.

3. It means I get to hang out all weekend with artisans and entrepreneurs - two of my favourite kinds of people.

Completely unrelated to shows and making stuff - I've been thinking about Lord of the Rings a lot lately (mostly because of a story I'm writing) and I came across this excerpt from the movie. 

I freaking love that part.  

See you on the other side! (By which, I mean, monday. Not "that far green country under a swift sunrise"... although, maybe that one too.)

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