Tuesday, January 24, 2012

heading out to the annual SCBWI winter conference

I’m leaving on the overnight bus for NYC tomorrow. (The overnight bus? What was I thinking? Well, basically, this: a $90 round trip from Toronto. Who needs sleep, anyway.) In the meantime, I’m packing and getting ready and also stressing. So far, my backpack has two things in it: Anna Dressed in Blood and The Fault in Our Stars (both saved for this very trip). That's it. Not so prepared, am I.

What I'm most looking forward to:
  • A roundtable critique
  • Workshops with Ari Lewin, Stacy Whitman, and Jennifer Laughran
  • A discussion on LGBTQ publishing
  • Hanging out with people who love children’s lit as much as I do

Honestly, there is something so wonderful about conferences like this. You’re surrounded by people who have all read the same books as you, and know exactly what you’re talking about when you say things like capaill uisce, or shadowhunters, or scuppies. And not only do they know what you’re talking about, but they usually have something to say about it too, and you realize you’re surrounded by human beings who are all passionate about the exact same thing as you. It’s liberating. And heartwarming.

Anyways, I should get back to packing. Clearly I am procrastinating. Before I go, though, this is my new favourite song. (I just bought Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars, for the bus ride.) Take a listen:

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