Saturday, February 11, 2012

space pirates, anyone?

Why (Oh WHY!) have I never watched FIREFLY before??

Okay, first of all, pirates. Space pirates. Space pirates fighting the Man, who happen to curse in Mandarin.

Not only this, but all the music includes a fiddle (seriously, I’m swooning here). Did you get that? Fiddle music in OUTER SPACE.

Also, the characters are awesomesauce! Kaylee is a whimsical, happy-go-lucky ship mechanic. Mal is the dark and witty (and sometimes adorable) captain who has a serious crush on a courtesan. The ship “has it’s own chaplain”, Derrial Book. Zoe kicks serious ass, and her husband Hoban, the pilot, is crazy about her. And Inara – oh, Inara! – the courtesan who bestows dignity on the pirate crew.

The other thing I love is the dialogue. It's snappy, but not cheesy. Example:

“I just have an image of a guy hanging from the ceiling.” – Zoe
“I have an image of it not being me. Let’s do the thing.” – Mal

Soooo. I'm going to watch another episode now...

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