Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Secret World of Arrietty

For a long time after this film ended, I sat in my seat quietly crying and my heart was glowing and I just felt so... full. Here are some of the reasons why:

The world. Arrietty's bedroom, full of wild, growing things. The way the grandfather clock bangs. The initial introduction to the kitchen and how it seemed to a Borrower. How you can hear Sho's heart beating in almost every scene he's in.

The attention to detail (in typical Studio Gibli style). I love the way a scene will linger at the end, after everything has played out, and focus in on something small and almost insignificant - for example, a lady bug climbing up a leaf.

Arrietty. Her strength. The way she looked one way when she was being brave and going out into the world (her short red dress and boots and pin-sword), and then looked another way when she was being more domestic (her hair down and clothed in a long yellow dress). And I loved loved loved her relationship with her dad!

Sho. His soft-spokeness (totally reminded me of Howl). His sadness and tenderness. How he was always reading a book or lying in the grass. How he was slow moving, never wanting to intrude on Arrietty, always asking to see her but would never look at her without her consent.

The soundtrack (entirely by Cecile Corbel). The harp takes front and centre, making the music light and heavy at the same time (just like the story). And magical.

I also just really loved the concept of "Borrowers" who only take what they need, and how this is never actually an inconvenience for anyone, but some people find it intolerable and want punish them for it. I can think of a lot of situations in real life where this is the case.

I haven't read The Borrowers, but definitely will now.

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