Monday, July 2, 2012

feeling the reels

I'm not exactly sure why fiddles have me so captivated. For some reason, they make me feel things more deeply than other kinds of instruments. You know, that deep down in your gut kind of feel? The kind of feel that makes your heels start drumming the ground and gets you wishing that it was socially acceptable to just start dancing in public?

One fiddler in particular has me completely under her spell. Her name is Hanneke Cassel, and one of the things on my To-Do List For Life is to see her play live. The song above is from her album For Reasons Unseen, and it also happens to be one of my favourite songs to write to. The song below is Hanneke playing with Brittany Haas. It's not on either of their albums, but I so wish it was, because it's fantastic.

Sigh. I just... I have no words. Only feels.

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