Monday, October 8, 2012

say that your main crop is the forest / that you did not plant / that you will not harvest

Wowsers. It’s definitely autumn! Which has gotten me thinking about trees. Because really, how can you not think about trees at this time of year? All you have to do is take one look out the window and they start beating you over the head with their gloriousness.

So, as a tribute to autumn, I thought I’d make a list of my top three favourite trees.

#1 Sycamore

Part of the reason I love this tree so much is because it’s the first tree I learned to climb (there are two giant sycamore’s rooted outside my mother’s house) and the other part is that it’s just a breathtakingly beautiful tree. Its bark is mottled in a way that kind of looks like jigsaw pieces, and every spring it drops these giant fluff balls – which drove my mother crazy, but I thought was magical.

#2 Sassafras

When I was little, there was a conservation area that I loved to visit. My dad’s house happened to be right beside it, which was very convenient, so I went there all the time. There was a pond, and a bridge, and lots of hiking trails. One of these trails was called “Sassafras Stroll” because, well, it wasn’t a particularly hard trail, and there were TONS of Sassafras trees along the way. So, why do I like the Sass so much? Because of these:

Their leaves are just so freaking adorable! Like mittens! I want to gather them up and keep them all.

#3 Birch

There's only so much to say about the birch. It's such a simple, gentle, delicate tree, but it's subtlety always entrances me. Like the Sycamore, it has astonishing bark. And it's generic name is Betula, which always makes me think of a wild-eyed girl who goes out flower-picking at dawn and doesn't come back until dusk.

Anyways. If I had all day, I could also go on about Western Catalpas and Willows and Oaks. And don't even get me started on Magnolias...

But I’ll leave those for another day.

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