Thursday, December 6, 2012

all the things

I know, I know. Things have been kind of sparse on the blog for a while. BUT! This is why!

Oat Loaves.

Epi Baguettes.

Sesame Bagels.
Can you tell what I’ve been doing? Lots of baking. At a bakery. VERY early in the morning. (Which I generally love, but every once in a while I have to bribe myself to get out of bed. 3am sometimes looks like: “Okay Kristen, if you get up RIGHT NOW you can… eat a cupcake for breakfast! Huzzah!”)

Cocoa Raspberry Friand. Mmm.

Another reason for the dearth?

I’m working at the loveliest little bookstore in the whole world for the holidays. Which is kind of a dream, but also? DANGEROUS. Seriously. For a while now I’ve been trying to make do without getting a new bookshelf (because as soon as I get one, I'll want to fill it up, you know?). However, the books are spilling onto tabletops and windowsills and floors. They're crowding me out, is what I'm saying. AND YET I KEEP BUYING MORE.

I’m going to need to buckle down and get new shelves soon. Cuz… this. Times a zillion.

Aaaaaand last of all, these:

Those are revisions on the novel I’ve been plugging away at for the past year and a bit. Which is hopefully getting better instead of just... more… different. Ha Ha…. Ha. *gulp*

So, what does this all mean? Just that after all the bread baking and the book selling and the novel revising I pretty much have enough energy to feed myself and/or drag myself into bed and sleep. Which means no socializing and definitely no blogging. Trust me, I'm a very boring creature these days.

So I'll come back when I have something more interesting to say.

Catch ya later.