Monday, August 5, 2013

on repeat

You can tell a lot about my writing patterns just by perusing my iTunes, seeing which songs play on repeat when and for how long. I always make playlists for a particular thing I'm working on - usually, this is a form of procrastination. If I'm struggling to get a thing started, I very quickly decide that the reason I'm struggling is: No writing playlist!

This a ruse. You do not need a writing playlist in order to write.

Anyways. So I always make playlists. But what ends up happening, usually very quickly, is that I get to a song and instead of moving on to the next one, I realize that I don't want the song to stop. So I put it on repeat. Or, with my most recent iTunes updates (where I can no longer find the repeat option) I make playlists of just one song copied twenty or thirty times... which is kind of labor intensive, so if anyone knows how to play songs on repeat with the newest version of iTunes please feel free to tell me.

This is how I end up listening to the same song, over and over, for days and days. Finally, when I'm ready (usually after a scene or chapter or whatever is finished and I need to move on to the next one), I'll take the song off of repeat, or go back to the original playlist... until I hit another snag, and it happens all over again. I am perfectly okay with this system of listening to music. My partner, on the other hand, is not. Which is how I end up writing in cafes, with my earbuds in.

Basically, all of the above is just as an excuse for me to post this - All I Want by Kodaline. It is my newest obsession/snag.

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