Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ten Reasons Why Being An Independent Bookseller Rocks (Cuz It Totally Does)

1. You get to write poetry on the sidewalk whenever you feel like it. Sometimes your boss pesters you until you do.
2. You get to read books before they’re published. Uh huh. It's awesome.
3. You get to correspond with authors you adore. You get to hand-sell their books and plan their book events and generally fangirl all over the place.
4. Your coworkers are smart, funny and kind. (And some of them are cantankerous curmudgeons, but this only makes you love them more.)
5. You know your customers by name, and they know you by name, and that’s a beautiful thing.
6. Your bosses treat you well, dude.
7. You get a huge say in what books get ordered and displayed and recommended and, therefore, sold.
8. You get handwritten notes from Dustin Kurtz, accompanied by pretty, pretty ARCs. (Seriously. This happened yesterday.)
9. Your whole job basically boils down to you reading and falling in love with and being changed by books, and then putting them in the hands of other people so they can read and fall in love with and be changed by them too.
10. Most of all, though, you get to take pride in your work, and your coworkers, and the community that loves you, along with an industry that has at its heart a reverence for books.

So support your local indies. They make local economies healthier and communities stronger. And they know your name.

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