Tuesday, October 15, 2013

where i write

I can write anywhere. In bed in the middle of the afternoon. On my mother's kitchen floor. On my grandmother's crumbling steps leading into the woods. In a cafe with the music blaring and the people beside me trying to talk above it. But my absolute favourite place to write is my writing desk.

There's something about designating a particular space to a particular task. It gives that task more weight, more heft. It says: Hey, pay attention, this thing is important. We designate spaces to eating, sleeping, lounging, playing, working. I decided a few years ago that if writing was important to me, I needed to give it its own space. So I did.

Writing isn't the only thing I do here. Sometimes I draw. Often I procrastinate. But mostly, I write. And because it's mostly writing that gets done in this place, my body knows that when I sit down at the desk and open the laptop or pick up the pen, it's time to get down to work.

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