Friday, November 1, 2013

my hands are hungry

I've been on a hiatus from clay for over a year now. There were a lot of reasons for this. First of all, I moved and moving always takes such a toll on me. As silly as it sounds, I typically spend the year after a move recovering from said move. Second of all, vending. I was vending at a lot of shows. And while I love the vending circuit, it gets exhausting. It's long days and very little sleep, not to mention all the work that goes into preparing - all for something that may or may not be worth it in the end. Most of all, though, I felt bored and stale and stuck creatively. I felt like I was coasting on these tried and true designs. I felt stifled and lazy.

So I stepped back. I packed up my studio and moved. I took a job doing another one of my great loves - making bread. I didn't go near my wheel. I didn't cut any clay. I didn't dream up anything new.

And now, a year later, I find my hands are hungry. Maybe this is because I no longer get up at 3am and spend the next eight hours making bread (the process of making bread and making ceramics are actually quite similar). Or maybe this is because it's the first of November and Autumn has that way of bringing you back to yourself. Whatever the reason, I've been more vulnerable than usual lately. And then I came across this video of a potter whose work I adore (her name is Diana Fayt and you can see her work here). The video is nothing particularly special, really, but the glimpse into her studio, the brief moments watching her work, and just listening to her speak had me in tears. I was so moved by her.

So tomorrow I'm going to buy some new clay and then I'm going to bribe my little brother to help me unpack my studio. And then... who knows?

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