Friday, January 23, 2015


I was a little bit shocked when I checked my voicemail the other day to find a message from the One of a Kind Show saying that my application was accepted. The first thing I did was call my mom. Because that's my default shock response. And then I started thinking about cogs.

I'm thinking a lot about cogs these days because my writing mentor is really into cogs and she's ingrained her cog theory into my brain.

Let me explain.

Just over a week ago, I was presented with this opportunity that was really comfortable, knowable, good, and financially secure, but would require me to set aside a good chunk of my art-making goals in order to take it on. I wavered on the threshold of that decision all week, conflicted, until someone in my life gave me bad news (bad news for me, good news for them) and my immediate response was: I support this person 100% and I absolutely want them to take this leap even if it comes at a cost to me. They were saying "no" to something and that "no" negatively affected me. But it didn't matter.

What if I could say no too?

I did. I pulled up my bootstraps and turned down this good, comfortable, financially secure opportunity to take a leap into the dark. And then, three days later, I got that call from OoaK.

I never would have been able to say yes to OoaK if I hadn't of said no to that opportunity, and I might not have been able to say no to that opportunity if no hadn't been said to me.

So: cogs. They're beautiful things.

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