Wednesday, January 21, 2015

some art links

On Managing Time, Insecurities, and the Magic Mirror Gate is an article by Giuseppe Castellano, art director at Penguin US. The thing I loved most was his idea that productivity isn't found by working on one project all the way through until it's finished, but in working on all the projects, little by little. He suggests breaking your day down into one hour chunks and working on a different project every hour. So, for example, one hour you work on that sketch and when that hour is up, you switch to working on that revision, and when that hour is up you go cut and shape your slabs, and when that hour is up... You get the idea. This is something I'd definitely like to try, because as of right now I feel like I need more time in the day to get everything done.

Whether You Make It Or Not Is Never About Talent is by Yuko Shimizu, an illustrator and teacher at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She talks about how hard work trumps talent and how those with the least talent are often more successful because they have to push themselves that much harder to achieve their goals. So basically: Don't give up!

Elizabeth Gilbert's Instagram, wherein she posted this gem, saying "You guys, seriously: If you want to do and make wonderful things with your life, sometimes you have to really not give a fuck." Which I happen to think is completely true. In fact, I would even take out the "sometimes". 

And here's a random glimpse of my work station this week. I've been avoiding my studio because the basement is cold and also haunted (I know this because my dog acts all weird whenever he's down there with me). So the pottery has taken over my writing desk:

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