Sunday, June 7, 2015

the importance of space

I was chatting with Jennifer of Cherries in the Sun recently about the importance of space. We were talking about designating a physical place in our homes for writing. I've mentioned my writing desk before. It takes up a significant amount of my living room. It commands attention. And it's not really useful for anything else. Even though I can write anywhere (in a loud cafe, on my mother's kitchen floor, in the middle of the woods) I've designated a specific place for writing as a way to say: hey this is important. In some ways, I'm making up for all those years of believing it wasn't important. That it was something to be ashamed of and left behind.

On Friday, Jennifer came along with Nataschia (best. photographer. ever.) to help document another important space: the studio where I do all my clay work. This is something that's only recently been confined to one space. For the past six months, it's been scattered all over. The kilns were in the garage. The slab roller was in the basement. The pots (in various stages) took up the entire kitchen table, hallway, even the couch. And I lost so many mugs transporting them to and from the kiln, up and down the stairs.

Something had to change. The pots were taking up too much space. So now there's this:

My ceramic work is one of the most important things in my life, but it shouldn't be taking over my whole house. And even though it's confined to one small room now, it's not sharing that room with other things. It has it's own place, just like my writing. Which gives it more weight. More heft.

It's saying: hey look, this is important.

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