Monday, August 17, 2015


Sometimes you should just take off your shoes and walk through the river rushing over the bridge.
Sometimes you should meticulously gather acorns only to fling them all back where they came from.
Sometimes, when you sit with your grandmother and she tells you how much she misses the man who’s never coming back, you should be silent. You should pay attention to her sadness. Share it with her like broken bread.
Sometimes you should cry – just for yourself.
Other times, for total strangers.
Sometimes you should drive three hours to the beach just so you can catch the sun setting over the water
...and then drive three hours back.
Sometimes you should leave your umbrella behind and let the raindrops burst across your skin.
Sometimes you should walk through the woods just to hear what it has to say.
Sometimes you should breathe deep. Breathe in the grapes growing on the vine,
                                                                         breathe in the earth after the storm,
                                                                         breathe in your best friend, asleep on the pillows.

Sometimes most of all you should quiet the voices that shout the loudest
and make room for the still, gentle beat of your own simple heart.

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