Friday, September 11, 2015

the upside of homelessness

I'm a little biased, but my husband is the most clear-sighted person I know. He's the one standing outside the fishbowl that the rest of us exist in, seeing everything that we fail to see. So it makes sense that when he sits down to write about something, it turns out totally brilliant and badass. Like, for example, the article he wrote for the most recent edition of The Good Work News. Here's an excerpt:

"Although the goal of ending homelessness might be a good one, it should not be assumed that living inside and in one place is always better than living outside and moving around. Assumptions like this have been made over and over again by people wishing to bestow their version of civilization on others. To the original inhabitants of North America, the benefits of western civilization came at a great cost. That is, the loss of autonomy and identity, land and culture. But to the colonizer it was seen as a win-win."

Read the rest of the article here. (Scroll down to pg.4 to read it.)

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